Welcome to the world of Soho

Welcome to the world of Soho

Hey there SG fans,

As we move into a constantly digitalised world, we thought we would amp things up on our end. We love how much our business in growing from such humble beginnings and we want to do a few things to involve you all as our way to say thank you. With the blogosphere blowing up in dramatic proportions, we decided to have a little digital one on one with you all.

This blog is going to bring you a little of everything. My story and how this all came to be, profiles of the fabulous girls who work here, and we may even take things international for a while, but we want to involve you all. Promotions, games, competitions. You name it, the sky and my internet speed is the limit.

We are in the midst of a very long hot summer here in Australia and our fashion footprint is growing in new and exciting ways. So we are going to leave you today with a little hint at all the new and exciting things coming to SohoGirl.

Stay tuned lovers. Xx