Layer Up, Buttercup!

Okay, can you even believe that Winter is here? As the frosty mornings start keeping you in bed a little longer and makes getting out of the shower harder and harder; The Soho Girl’s got your back. We will let you in on a little secret: LAYERS!
Wear all your favourite dresses that bring you right back to spring arvo’s, and layer them up! The addition of a warm coat or a sweater over the top can give you not only a sheik boho look but offers up ultimate wearability during this crazy weather change! Consider a fitted jacket from Hansen and Gretel or a cosy cardigan from Zulu and Zephyr and live your ultimate duvet-to-work fantasy.


Pair your warm winter woollies back with some ultra-trendy sunglasses from Quay, like the ‘High Key’, and there you have the perfect winter look which will keep you warm but also serve up looks for all to see.
Oh, and also you can never go wrong with a fur bag in winter can you, see The Ascendants Bag in Black / Fur.
All available online or in store at Soho Girl.
You’re welcome ladies xx


Image via Pinterest, Blog Created by our beautiful Staff member Maddie!